Scuba Diving Lessons, Scuba Classes, Scuba Courses, Scuba Instruction,
and Dive Site Information for San Francisco, San Mateo, and the S.F. Bay Area.

We are a NAUI WorldWide Pro Platinum Affiliate 10 miles South of San Francisco -
located in San Bruno, California (San Mateo County).

This website contains links, descriptions, and information for over 50 Scuba Diving locations, most within
a few hours drive from the San Francisco Bay Area. These dive sites are primarily located in Mendocino,
Sonoma, San Mateo, and Monterey counties, with additional information on Lake Tahoe and Catalina Island.

Please contact me - Wayne Mitchell, with any new information or updates on any
of the dive sites listed. I look forward to receiving information about Scuba dive sites
near SF that you would like to share with other S.F. Bay Area Scuba Divers.

If you are a certified Scuba Diver all of the dive sites listed have information
which can be helpful in planning your dive trip. If you are not a certified Scuba Diver,
I invite you to browse this website; it gives a detailed overview of the wonderful Scuba diving
opportunities available for San Francisco Scuba divers and visitors to the San Francisco Bay Area!!!

If you want to sign up for my NAUI Scuba Diver Course your cost is $389.00
My Price is the Best Price offered in the San Francisco and San Mateo Area and includes the following:
*****Class - you will receive a complete "NAUI Scuba Diver Kit" which includes: text, DVD, E-learning, and more.
*****Pool - all of the equipment you will need is supplied for your pool sessions, including your personal gear.
*****Ocean - we supply all equipment for your five Monterey ocean dives except your personal gear.
*****Personal gear cost is only $184 and includes: mask, snorkel, fins, boots, & gloves.
Other than Personal Gear there are absolutely NO add on or hidden fees.
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